On A Train!!


For months, I’ve been planning a trip to Salem, Massachusetts with a friend of mine. I’m incredibly excited to visit Salem, but that’s the secondary benefit of the trip. The real reason we’re traveling? There’s a train that goes all across the US and Canada, and yes, my dears, I am on it. o

My first train ride ever and it’s positively fantastic. Easy to navigate and a beautiful scenic view, along with a lot of leg room.

So loving it, and definitely taking another trip at some point. But first, to the city of witch-hunting. My mind is open and just waiting for Muse to start cackling in glee. Let’s go!

The Beginning of the Story


Recently, an anthology was published in which I was invited to submit a short story. There is another anthology due to be published in December in which one of my stories is available, and so the book I am working on currently is actually the seventh book that will be published with myself as the main or a contributing author. 

It’s really interesting to me to look back and see how everything started. In grade school, writing stories was always a part of education, and one that I was very fond of, but it was when I was ten years old that I really discovered my passion for writing. My mother and I went to the movie theatre to watch the showing of Little Women, a book that we have both been very fond of. It was during watching the movie that I fell in love with the character Jo, and I decided that I wanted to be just like her, creating worlds and writing them out. 

I started right after leaving the theatre, and the first book I ever wrote was called Animal Girl. I can’t remember how many chapters it had, but I can remember much of the premise. While the original story was lost years ago, the characters with in have evolved over the many years that I have continued writing. Now, that very human Animal Girl that I had named Jo after my favorite character has become Zeva, a very not-human character in a high fantasy series that has taken me years to work through. 

There have been other stories that I have worked on – books about black unicorns and about dragons, both good and evil, some of which have been put on a backburner and others which have been scrapped – sometimes with later regret. But I can remember each one of them, and I recall them with fondness as I see how characters I created in the early years of my youth have returned, new, but familiar. 

I really can’t wait to see what continues to turn up, but I will continue to work on the pieces already in progress, some of which you have seen (the DeathSpeaker Trilogy), and some of which you will learn more of in the future (The Chronicles of Senexus). 

I hope you’ll be there with me to watch them grow. 

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Now Available: Evidence of Autumn


Evidence of Autumn

Newly published today, Evidence of Autumn is the fifth book in the Anthology Photo Series. The series allows authors who are contributing to write short stories and poetry, all based on the cover photo for that particular book. 

The cover photo of Evidence of Autumn was donated by contributing author Amanda Kirby. The other contributing authors, who have written poetry and prose of varying genres, are Anna Renault, Amanda Kirby, T.L. Denn, Cathy Deslippe, D.F. Digger, Mary Garcia, M.J. Green, Hope N. Griffin, John Lee Roy Linde, Tara Phillips, Juanita Vera, myself, and Anna Renault, who compiled the collection. 

The book is 102 pages long and promises to be a good read. I myself can wait to see how everyone else has envisioned that cover image. 

Evidence of Autumn is available for purchase here. If you pick up a copy, I hope you’ll let us all know what you think!

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- Casey




I don’t believe I have shared this with you, yet. Those of you whom have read Dragon Circle will no doubt recognize Da’Rakti. Here she is, risen above the ship Perdition, captained by the famed Alexios, whom she supposed then dragged to hell. 

I do love this picture.

DeathSpeaker Hunt’s New Look

The new cover for DeathSpeaker: Hunt

The new cover for DeathSpeaker: Hunt

Most of you have seen the new cover for Hunt, the first book in the DeathSpeaker Trilogy. I’ve been holding off on posting it up for availability for purchase because I wanted to perform some edits and insert extended content into the novel. Moving has put some constraints on my already limited time and, unfortunately, I haven’t found myself with too many chances to work on Hunt.

   So with some deliberation, I decided to replace the old cover with the new version for purchase. The rest of the book will remain the same, but only for now. I intend to have the edits and extended content available in the second edition, which will come out shortly before the second book in the trilogy, The God Stone.

   The cover has been sent to the printer, and as with any change, they have to first approve the alteration. It shouldn’t take long before it is available for purchase online.

   As always, you can keep up to date on the writing of my books through my Facebook page and my website. I will also be making an effort to post more here.

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- Casey

I think Rafiki had it right



We all know who Rafiki is. One of the funniest characters of The Lion King, he is a trickster, mentor, and friend to many kings. He’s also well-known for the pose pictured above, when he meditates during the film. But did you know that the position his hands are in is a true hand gesture used during Yoga meditation?

There are multiple hand gestures – called mudras – that can be used during meditation, each of which have different benefits and reasons for being used. The mudra that Rafiki is using is one of the most commonly seen in film, often accompanied by the person who is meditating emitting an “ohhhhmmm” as they meditate. 

As it happens, the “ohm”ing is optional. The mudra, however, is specifically called the Gyan Mudra, also known as the Mudra of Knowledge. Its used during meditation to help strengthen concentration and memory, as well as simply sharpen brain power. It also helps to rid the body and mind of anger, stress, depression, anxiety, and even insomnia. No wonder Rafiki is so zen. 

As many of you are aware, I have been practicing Yoga. I’ve been somewhat lax these past few weeks as I rush around trying to get everything together to move, but the fact of the matter is that I need to take time for it. Especially if a few minutes everyday spent meditating will help me become as calm and relaxed as everyone’s favorite mandrill. 

- Casey       

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